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About the team

This blog is no longer being updated. If you're interested in government technology, you can read about it on the GDS blog and the Technology at GDS blog.


Since  2010, Government Technology has been working with departments to make sure they have the right technology and capability to deliver great digital services. This includes helping departments to work with the right digital and tech suppliers, at the right price, so they have the tools they need to deliver great public services. We’re also setting the standards for how departments work with technology.


  • work with Technology Leaders from all departments, and help them change the way technology is delivered across government
  • explore innovation in technology to remove barriers in the way government works
  • have an influence on international policy where it supports the work government does

That means working with departments to:

  • help them understand how to choose the right technology
  • help build common technology services that are secure and all departments can use
  • make sure the necessary technical architecture is in place to meet user needs
  • commit to open standards, common document formats, and shared ways of working
  • follow spend control, in line with the government’s Technology Code of Practice and the Digital Service Standard

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