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This week in tech links: Google Glass, graphene and geneticat

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Rednuht's geneticat gets the hang of it.  Or does she?  Keep scrolling...
Rednuht's geneticat gets the hang of it. Or does she? Keep scrolling...

Facebook have disappointed begoggled kickstarter backers of the company Oculus VR, makers of the Rift virtual reality goggles. $2 billion dollars was probably hard to say no to, though.

You’ll never look cool with Oculus Rift goggles strapped to your head, but you’re probably not going to be out and about in them either. Google Glass is pretty cool technology, but let’s face it, they’re hardly the most stylish pieces of eyewear you’ll ever see. That should change though, as Google announces a deal with Ray-Ban and Oakley maker, Luxottica.

Perhaps more interesting than eyewear you can see, however, is eyewear you can’t.  A new graphene breakthrough opens the possibility for night vision capable contact lenses.

After a year without a CEO, Mozilla Corporation have announced that Brenden Eich, inventor of JavaScript, and formerly the CTO, will take over the role.

The orientation of the printed part in 3d printing has always been important to the strength of the finished item, but stronger printed parts, reinforced with carbon nanotubes, are now possible.

Speaking of strong, the incentive Microsoft is willing to provide for its users is getting stronger and stronger. They’ll now be paying out $100 a pop to users who upgrade from Windows XP.

Finally, watch this simulation of a cat - implemented with a genetic algorithm - learning to leap from cabinet to shelf (or fall hilariously).

2nd picture of geneticat
... maybe not!

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