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On 1st December 2016 we launched the ‘Business Change through Common Technology’ community of interest and we’d like you to join us.

Our aim is to improve how business change is managed across government. This community is for anyone and will have a special focus on the adoption and change associated with the common technologies we are encouraging government to use.

About the business change community

The technologies we focus on include common desktop, common office productivity tools, common HR and Finance systems, common identity and access management and common service management tools - all delivered as services from the cloud. These cloud based services have their own unique barriers to change and will require specific business change focus if they are to be adopted successfully.

So, along with the usual purpose of being a network for learning and sharing good practices, lessons learnt, case studies, tools, techniques, tips and tricks, stories and experience, we’ve decided that the community will:

  • establish business change as a profession in the Civil Service
  • embed business change as a core delivery competence across government
  • build business agility across government

The community also wants to be active and not just share ideas and documents. We thought a good place to start is to have a common understanding of business change. Business change is more than just training, but what is it really?

The candidate topics are:

  • change vision and strategy
  • change leadership, champions, ambassadors and networks
  • organisation design
  • operating model design
  • communications
  • employee engagement
  • stakeholder management
  • culture change (aka ways of working)
  • digital and technology enabled working
  • agile working (not to be confused with Agile software development)
  • learning and training
  • value realisation (and benefits management)

Agreeing on what business change means may well include all of the above, and more.

So if these topics interest you and you’d like to explore the profession of business change, please join our community.

The Community is open to all and has a virtual home within the Government Project Delivery Network on Knowledge Hub. You can join directly from Knowledge Hub or email us.

You can sign up now for email updates from the Government Technology blog or subscribe to the feed.

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