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Recruiting digital and technology specialists

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When we published the Government Service Design Manual, we recognised the importance of getting the right people into digital and technology leadership roles.

Rebekah Ramsay
Rebekah Ramsay

If we want to transform government digital services, we need great people. So I am very pleased to introduce Rebekah Ramsay who recently joined my team within GDS to head up the People function.

Rebekah and her team are here to help government departments find senior digital and technology professionals through the Recruitment Hub.

These are specialist roles and we're keen to attract people who might not have thought about working for the government before.  We think working in technology in government right now is exciting.  Rebekah and her team are charged with finding exciting talent to match.

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  1. Comment by Charles posted on

    You should recruit permanent people not contractors. Contracts have no loyalty and aren't personally invested in the future of public services. They just want to come in, do something for their CV, and then onto the next thing. Is the plan to close the GDS at the election with contracts timed to end then?

    • Replies to Charles>

      Comment by Catriona McGrath posted on

      Thank you for your comment. We will always have a mix of permanent and interim staff - the latter are particularly helpful for meeting urgent or specific short/medium term needs.