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This week in tech links: Augmented Reality helmets and electricity-generating graphene

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Graphic picture of a graphene layer

In the future, firefighters will use Augmented Reality to help them with their dangerous jobs. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’d probably walk around with one of these fancy hats before I walked around in Google glasses.

Google have confirmed they are looking at space elevators, but so far the work has proven futile.  However, once we can make carbon nanotube structures bigger than 1m long, it appears that free trips to space will be possible.

The digitization of democracy has always been fascinating to me. This crowdsourced decision-making platform - Loomio - has been crowdfunded.

When the cool news stops, I’ll stop, I promise, but once again graphene is proved to be The Future, as researchers manage to generate electricity by pouring water over it.

Of course, we’ll need to make lots of the stuff if we’re ever to make proper use of it. Fortunately a group of scientists at Trinity College Dublin have figured out how to do just that with a £40 blender from Argos, and a bottle of Fairy Liquid. No, seriously.

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Finally, why is 9:41am such an important time for Apple?


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