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Help us find the right open standards

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The Standards Hub is where we ask you to share your expertise and knowledge. You help us select open standards that will deliver better, more efficient services.

We’ve published a proposal about a multi agency incident transfer standard we’re considering. This would allow the emergency services to exchange information about incidents, and getting this right could save valuable time when people are most in need. We’d like to know what you think.

At present we’re also looking into three additional areas where we’d like your opinion on whether there are any open standards you think we should use. They are:

Here are some more details about the proposal and the new areas we’re investigating:

Multi agency incident transfer (MAIT)

The proposal is putting forward an XML schema designed to allow the emergency services to exchange information about incidents. It’s aiming to:

  • make response times faster with quicker mobilisation decisions
  • reduce the time it takes for multiple agencies to log incident information
  • share incident data highlighting possible hazards to emergency responders

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment on the Standards Hub - you’ll need to log in to do that. You have until 17 July.

Publishing vacancies online

Job seekers need to find jobs advertised by the government regardless of where the vacancies are published or which search engine they use. We’re looking for an open standard that will provide useful information in a machine readable format so that job seekers can use advanced searches to find the job they want.

Do you have ideas about which open standards would help here? Let us know by responding on the Standards Hub by 22 July.

Exchange of property or place address information

Many places are identifiable by a postal address which is a loose set of instructions for a post person. There is no canonical form for an address in government data. For example, should it include the borough, the county, or the country? To deliver better, more accurate services, we need something more stable so that we can easily exchange the data between information systems, where that’s appropriate.

You’ve got until 27 July to tell us which standards might be useful to help do this.

Exchange of location point information

We’re looking for a way of defining and exchanging location point information.  Users need to be able to choose between different map providers and exchange location information with others. These users can likewise use a map provider of their choice to define locations anywhere in the world.

If you know about any open standards that can help us do this, leave a response on the Standards Hub by 27 July.

After you’ve told us which open standards you think we should use, we’ll come back with proposals on the Standards Hub. We’ll suggest how we might meet these needs, taking into consideration the standards you’ve suggested.

We look forward to reading your comments.

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